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Let It Ride Poker Game Rules

The hands in Let It Ride Poker are valued the same way as in a normal poker game. To start off place three equal-sized bets in the areas marked on the table. To do this, click on a chip of desired value to select it.Then click the Deal button.

You will now receive three cards and two community cards are placed at the top of the table, face down. Your goal is to form as good a hand as possible with your three cards and the two community cards.

You have the option to remove one of your bets if you think your completed hand is going to be weak. If you do not want to remove a bet then click on Let It Ride.

Now one of the community cards is turned over. Again you have the option to pull out one of your bets. Click to remove a bet or again you can Let It Ride.

Now the second community card is turned over. You win if you hand makes up a pair of tens or higher. The payout odds are paid on any remaining bets on the Let It Ride table. The payout odds are also marked on the table. If your hand is not as good as tens or better then the bet is lost.

A side bet is available in the Let Them Ride Poker game rules. This is a £1 side bet, which gives you additional winnings on some higher winning combinations. You don't need to use this bet but if you do and you land a winning combination, normally three of a kind or higher, the payouts are worth it.

Let It Ride Poker Rules


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Let It Ride Poker Game Rules

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